Durham’s Bee Farm Presents Pure, Raw Comb Honey

Durham’s Bee Farm Presents Pure, Raw Comb Honey
comb honey

Honey in the Comb–nothing could be more natural. Straight from the hive to you. Enjoying honey straight from the honeycomb is an experience you won’t forget when you break apart a section of the honeycomb.

Comb honey is the purest form of honey. This honey is untreated to retain its natural nutrients and full flavor. Freshly built combs can be packed and sold right away as cut comb honey, without extraction or processing. Check Amazon price here for Pure Natural Comb Honey – Ultimate in Flavor and Aroma from Durham’s Bee Farm

Many consider comb Honey “nature’s candy.” Enjoy the thick, golden honey over toast or pancakes, or stir some in your favorite hot beverage for an all-natural sweetener.

The honeycomb itself is made up of very thin beeswax, which is entirely edible. The delicate beeswax comb can be chewed like gum.

The honey’s sweetness and the chewiness of the wax are the perfect complement to an aromatic cheese, breads or hot biscuits, and your favorite fresh or dried fruits. Natural Honey in the comb is the old fashioned way to enjoy honey.

Raw honey is a nutritious product and apart from its content in glucose and fructose, both of which lend the organism immediately assimilable energy.

These products together have a healing effect on the throat, the gastrointestinal tract, the skin and body tissues just to name a few of the benefits of honey.

Because raw honey contains small amounts of other bee products such as pollen, bee milk, propolis and bee venom. It is packed with nutritional value containing a lot of vitamins (A, b-carotene, the complete complex of vitamins B and vitamins C, D, E, K) and minerals (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, copper), as well as traces of amino-acids and antioxidant elements.

It also contains proteins, carbohydrates, hormones, organic acids and antimicrobial compounds.
Customer reviews

This is absolutely the best honey I have ever eaten. I literally cut off a piece of the honey filled comb and eat it just like it is. The flavor is absolutely seductive.

“Not only was Durham’s customer service top notch (when I called I actually spoke to the President of the company himself!) but the honey is absolutely delicious and so fresh.”

This is my second order, and I will continue to get my honey from Durham’s Bee Farm as long as they (the bees) produce it!

“Only issue we had is the case comes in a ziploc bag which had leaked a little during shipping. little warm water did the trick before i boxed it up for xmas. ”

This honey is more… fragrant than other comb honey I’ve tried.

A bit stronger, and initially I didn’t like it as much. After 3 or four days of eating this, I became hooked.

“It is outstanding. My wife and I keep our spoons close to the box and eat a bite 3 or 4 times per day. “

Comb Honey from Durham’s Bee Farm

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