Mobility- one of the most important fitness tips

Mobility- one of the most important fitness tips

Mobility like strength or resistance is one basic element of fitness that''s the reason why I include mobility in the category of fitness tips. I noticed in the gym persons who perform ''semi - exercises'', just because of lack of mobility. Mobility is an important driving quality in many sports, but also in fitness. Maybe because one of us are wondering what good does it has or what role does it play in the fitness training.

First of all a good mobility drives to a more correct execution of exercises. Also, you can easily execute exercises which at first seemed impossible. Mobility also determines modifications in simple walking or in everybody’s posture. In the following lines, I''ll try to offer you more details about mobility as fitness tip, but also I''ll share with the the many methods of evolving mobility.


The most used methods of evolving mobility are the following:

-Stretching – utilizes passive ways (these are exercises in which the stretching action is realized because of some external forces, represented by gravity, partner, weight of the segments or own strength). Stretching trainings can be made in the morning or at night, at beginning or at the end of the training, and doesn’t require special physical qualities. There are many persons who adopted this kind of training and it’s been proven very efficient not only in evolving mobility, but also as a way of muscle relaxation.

-The circuit – Even though there is a specific method of developing force, the circuit gained a lot of ground regarding its use and also in the development of particular mobility.


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I know that lots of people understand better what''s about with stretching, fitness training or circuit to develop mobility if they read more examples and eventually if there are explained some efficient exercise. For this reason, let’s review some of the exercises for mobility development.

-Exercise 1-Lunge forward with left foot right-arch (2 sets x 20 arches)
-Exercise 2-Side lunge with left foot right-arch (2 sets x 20 arches)<
-Exercise 3-Located on: trunk bending forward (3 sets x 20 arches). At the end of each series hold 30 40 seconds.
-Exercises 7,8,9
Placed side: balance of the right foot - left side (3 sets x 15 repetitions).
-Exercises 10.11
Situated on the knee of his right leg balance - left back (3 sets x 15 reps).

These exercises are performed with no rest between sets. Try to the end of each exercise to keep the leg up 30-40 seconds. Do not expect significant results after only a few sessions. It takes much patience and perseverance.

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