Retreat To Beat Stress

Retreat To Beat Stress

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Retreat To Beat Stress

When under stress from modern everyday life, your body produces stress hormones like adrenaline, non-adrenaline, and an adrenal-cortex hormone. These hormones will create physiological responses such as increase heart rate, higher blood pressure, rapid breathing, sweating, and decreased digestion. If you sit at your desk or in your car, the inactivity only allows the responses to continue, which in turn overloads your body to the point that even simple tasks become difficult. Retreating from this stress may be the answer.

Finding a separate space for quality time, you do not necessarily have to plan a vacation to retreat. Any room such as your bathroom or bedroom can be transformed into your stress relief haven. Using a showerhead with a massage option, you can adjust soothing hot water direction to just where you need it. You can transform you bathroom into a steam room by using a bath seat that lets you enjoy your massaging shower without standing on your feet any longer than you have to.

Other relaxing features can be added to personalize your retreat/bathroom. Using soft, soothing colors, you can paint the bathroom in pastels to create a comforting space. Adding oversized cotton bath towels can make you feel pampered. Matching candles offer aromatherapy to help soothe and relax you in their soft glow. To complete the experience, try adding bath oils and music to increase your relaxation. A helpful hint in bathing is to draw the bath several minutes before getting in to give the tub itself time to heat up. This could be an everyday retreat to soothe away the stress.

Without having to go anywhere, you can use mediation to escape everyday stress. No matter where you are, you can create a meditative state of mind and still continue with tasks that need to be done. However, if you''ve never used meditation, it may be helpful to begin in a quiet place without distractions. Finding a comfortable position, you can sit on the floor with a pillow. Make sure the room is light enough to keep you from falling asleep, which will not be productive. Relax and do nothing. As you become aware of your breathing, follow your thoughts without trying to judge them and find the connection as they flow. For beginners, you may want to avoid a mantra that would distract you.

Even though stress can be overwhelming, using an everyday retreat will help you regroup and relax to make you more efficient when you have to return to it.

Common Herbs And Some Specific Uses


Create a tincture of:

A dash of Angelica, Anise, Chamomile, Coriander, Fennel, Ginger, Rosemary and Turmeric along with two dashes of any mint herbs. Steep these herbs overnight in the refrigerator in a mixture of alcohol and water (one shot of vodka per cup of spring water). Drink as a tea or mix with juice.

Insect Bites Or Stings


ry using Citronella Oil. Do not use without first diluting. Add several drops to vegetable oil and rub directly on your skin.


Lemon Balm is a sedative as well as a stomach soother. Try a tea made with two to four teaspoons of dried herb per cup of boiling water.

Liver Problems

Use Milk Thistle for all types of liver troubles. Available in capsule form at health food stores.


Black Cohosh is recommended for many “female complaints.” It contains estrogenic substances that relieve menopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes. Native American women knew to use it for childbirth and other gynecological problems. Try 2 parts Chasteberry, 1 part St. John’s Wort and 1 part Life Root. To 5ml of tincture taken three times a day.