How To Get Rid Of Mouth Sores

How To Get Rid Of Mouth Sores

Causes Of Mouth Sores and How To Remove

Mouth Ulcers or Mouth Sores sores are aching wounds within the mouth. They are either white or yellow in color, covered by a red area. Reason behind cause of sores might include problems with the immune system, biting inside your cheek or tongue or dental work. They can also be tripped by food allergies, tension, lack of vitamin B-12 or even hormonal changes. Ulcers generally disappear approximately in a week. Meanwhile, they can be aching, making it difficult to speak, eat or drink. If you suffering from mouth ulcer, you want to know how to get rid of mouth sores and the immediate treatment listed below steps are very effective for you.

Home Remedies And Step By Step Treatment


Get rid of your mouth ulcers by softly massaging a garlic piece on your mouth ulcer on a daily basis. Allicin is the main ingredient of garlic that acts as an antibacterial and comprises antiviral attributes. Garlic also calms the soreness of sores while accelerating the curing process. Rub one-half piece of garlic clove on your ulcer for approximately one minute. Wash your mouth with water after 60 minutes.

Use peroxide to your mouth ulcers each day. It works as an antiseptic that can aid in reducing bacteria & redness. Using a sterilized cotton dab, soak the tip with hydrogen peroxide and massage onto your sore for around 10 seconds. Mix 2 spoon of peroxide and 2 spoon of water and hiss the solution in the mouth for around one minute and spit it. Do not gulp the solution. Wait for 15 minutes prior to washing off your mouth with water.

Apply turmeric paste to your mouth sores every day. Turmeric works as a natural sterile and a freshening agent. Mix 3 spoon of turmeric powder with 1 spoon of water blend till the mixture doesn’t become a paste. Use the paste with a sterilized cotton dab & include the entire mouth ulcer. Leave it for approx 1 to 2 minutes and later on wash properly.

Get rid of your cankers by rinsing your mouth with the solution made of salt and water. The salt works as a natural aseptic. It can also helps in accelerating the healing time, while lessening the pain connected with the sores. Add and mix 12 or more spoon of iodized salt to one-half cupful of hot water. Swoosh the salt solution in the mouth for one minute. Spit the solution and wash your mouth properly.

Apply peppermint oil to the infected areas twice in a single day. Peppermint oil can aid you in giving you alleviation from irritation & pain companied with the mouth ulcers. It also helps in stimulating the healing process. With a sterilized cotton dab, knead the sore with the oil and leave in your mouth for around 15 minutes. Spit the oil and wash your mouth properly.

Following are Tips and Warnings, which you must reckon

  • Follow the aforementioned remedies each day until your mouth ulcers get cured completely.
  • Seek advice from your doctor before dealing mouth ulcers.


Mouth ulcers generally arise when the inner tissue of the mouth gets cut one way or another. Typical reasons of making these wounds include:

  • Biting inner side of the mouth (unintentionally and subconsciously)
  • Taking something which is too hot or too cold (hot tea and coffee are very common reasons of causing ulcers)
  • Having sharp, acidic, spicy or hard foods
  • Brushing teeth very hard
  • Feebly-fitted dental braces or dentures

Mouth ulcers can also occur if the person is predominantly tensed or anxious or is experiencing hormonal changes (for example adolescence or the menopause). Albeit rarer, it is also likely to get mouth ulcers from a viral, fungal or bacterial infection, nevertheless most sores are not stimulated by infection so are not transmissible.

Inherent ailments like Crohn’s Disease, HIV and Anemia can make the victim more susceptible to get mouth ulcers, nevertheless these types of sores are just a secondary symptom of the ailment. Quitting smoking has also been believed to amplify the risk of mounting canker sore though this is of very short period (around a week after quitting). After discussing the reasons causing mouth ulcers its turn to know how to get rid of mouth ulcers

  • Wash your mouth with a solution made of salt & water or diluted disinfectant. Salt wipes out germs and sores are just a colony of germs. DON’T GLUP IT
  • Purchase Bonjela. This is medicinal drug which will numb the pain awhile.
  • Eat chewing gum but before eating check which one is more effective for you as some them can aid in treating ulcers while others can make them more worst.
  • Follow a proper balanced diet with enough of protein & vitamin C. Both will repair your skin & prevent mouth ulcers.
  • If you suffer from cankers frequently, request your dentist to give you a prescription medicinal drug called “Triamcinolone Acetonide Dental Paste USP, 0.1%” as taking it can accelerates the healing process noticeably.
  • Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the mouth ulcers, it will burn initially, but after a minute the pain will cease and it may begin to bleed. The baking soda will neutralize the acid present in mouth, aiding the sore cure faster.
  • Honey has a propensity to alleviate the pain a bit, also. Thus simply gargle with some “honey water” and the soreness will disappear
  • Taking an anti-inflammatory drug for example ibuprofen will block the cankers to spread and can be very good ease the pain
  • Washing your mouth with a bactericide mouthwash can preclude the ulcer getting infected and accelerate the time of recovery.
  • Drinking juice of tomato or mulberry, as it is said that they ease the pain of mouth ulcers and help in recovery.
  • Baking soda can be turned into a paste by putting few drops of water and applied on the mouth ulcer to assist fast-track the curing process.
  • Saltwater prepared from adding a spoon of salt to a glassful of water, which is then swilled around the mouth can aid in treating mouth ulcers, as well.