The Proper First Aid Kit and Emergency Supplies

The Proper First Aid Kit and Emergency Supplies

I was riding a bus a few days ago and noticed that they had two different first aid kits hanging prominently on the wall directly behind the driver. It got me to thinking how there are different first aid kits needed for different situations. It just makes good sense to have the right first aid kit for your needs. For instance, if you are going on a family outing, this 116-piece first aid kit would be perfect for any minor emergency that came up. This kit only cost $15 here at Health and Safety Source. A first aid kit that would be appropriate to keep in your car at all times would be this one, for it contains not only the emergency reporting guide you find in the standard first aid kit but it also has every kind of bandage and antiseptic needed for emergencies away from home.

Speaking of home, this first aid kit, which cost only $8 here at Health and Safety Source, works great for the single person living alone, though I prefer this Deluxe Student Emergency Pack. Priced at around $14, just look at all the stuff it has:

(1) Emergency poncho
(1) Face mask
(1) Emergency blanket
(1) Emergency drinking water
(1) Hand sanitizer pack, 0.9g
(1) Light stick
(1) Whistle with neck cord
(2) Hand warmers
(1) Mini first aid kit
(2) Antiseptic cleaning wipes (sting free)
(1) Triple antibiotic ointment pack, 0.5g
(5) Adhesive plastic bandages, 3/4” x 3”
(3) Adhesive fabric bandages, 3/4” x 3”
(1) Knuckle fabric bandage
(1) Fingertip fabric bandage
(5) Junior adhesive plastic bandages, 3/8” x 1-1/2”

If your student just went off to school, what a great care package to send them! Another great idea for this kit is to hold a fundraiser for your organization and sell these kits to raise money. You could also be the best boss ever by providing these kits as a gift to each of your employees. You’d kill two birds with one stone that way, keeping your workplace safe and your employees happy.

We also sell emergency kits for companies, from small businesses to the supplies required for major ambulance services. This 50 person emergency kit, for example, as everything needed to take care of a large group of people during a disaster or other emergency situation.

Take a good look around the site at and you will see that we carry every thing you, your company or your emergency outfit will need to be prepared for emergency or disaster.

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